An American Born Country

Lyons Manufacturing Making, repairing and restoring our country for over 63 years!

Quality and Long lasting Repairs

Lyons will stand the test of time and look good while doing it

Builders know our product

Lyons is the leading manufacturer of concrete repair. We are reliable partner for your repairs and restoration

What we do

Lyons Manufacturing, Inc. has been manufacturing high quality concrete repair and restoration materials for over fifty years. We make a complete line of products including underlayments, toppings, self-leveling underlayments, rubbing and finishing products, anchoring cements, structural repair products, full depth highway repair products and bonding agents. We focus our efforts on doing three things very well:

  • manufacturing high quality products
  • providing outstanding customer service
  • pricing our products competitively

With our manufacturing location in Dallas, TX and strategically located warehouses, currently including Commerce, CA; Oakland, CA; Atlanta, GA; Orlando, FL; Chicago, IL; and Salt Lake City, UT; Lyons Manufacturing can provide products at competitive prices across the country.

AAA Grade Materials


Only the best products for the toughest jobs

Repair and Restoration


Repair, restore and decorate any project

Excellent Customer Service

Precast & DOT

We cover from the smallest to the largest.

I wont go anywhere else for concrete. Lyons Manufacturing has everything I need, at the quality I want for the price I can afford.

Robert Smith, Western Industries

Contact info

Several ways to contact us for any questions you may have.

  • 8900 Forney Road, Dallas Tx, 75227